Festival of Colours- HOLI

I really don't understand why people consume the poisonous beverage (like liquor) to celebrate the festival and on the occasion of marriage etc.

 Well, the festival of colours( HOLI )is around the corner and the people around here are all set to celebrate it with great zeal & enthusiasm. I have been celebrating it since my childhood but till date, I don't understand why the people consume alcohol and tend to commit unsocial activities.

Dabbing people with whatever colours is part of celebration ( that also beyond my comprehension)

Let's go into details why this festival is celebrated; It is celebrated to commemorate the victory of divine figure Prahalad over his ill-minded father who was hell-bent on killing him as Prahalad was a staunch believer of God. The father made every efforts to change his mind but in vain, then he asked Prahalad's fire-proof sister called Holika to sit on fire with Prahalad on his lap to kill him. But, as God's wish, Prahalad was miraculously saved from being burnt and the Holika burnt to ashes instead.

This may not be one reason behind its celebration as Holi's is deeply associated with Lord Krishna as well. Holi celebrated in Mathura is widely known across the globe.

Whatever reason may be, we find some excuse (pretext) to toast the moment. We come together make the people around us colourful

One local philosopher quotes" All the people look alike here irrespective of the fact they are rich or poor as you can't judge them by their look. EVERYBODY LOOKS COLOURED"

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