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Monday, 6 November 2017

Kailash Caves

Now, I am talking about a natural cave located in our district Bastar in Chhattisgarh. It is called Kailash caves it is located about 35 km away from the town towards the south of our district. I got an opportunity to voice over a small documentary by local media where they spoke high volume of the natural caves like Kotemsure and Kailash caves.

Please see the video of the Kailash Caves Here.


Well, Kailash cave is located in the Kanger valley national park in Bastar District in Chhattisgarh. You can get to the caves within a couple of hours drive from Jagdalpur. What all you need to do is that you have got to catch the way which leads to Sukma/Hyderabad. It is quite accessible as the forest department has made it so. Today, the department has provided vehicles to travel across the valley.


Kailash caves are actually located at the height of 40 metres on the uphill which is 1000 meter length and 125 metres deep. You will get to see pillars of stalactite and stalagmite if you go little further in the cave catching beautiful sight of design created by nature. There is hall inside 25X 35 meters in the cave with the marvellous sight of lime-pillars. These pillars are named after the mythological characters like Bhim ki Gada"(mace of Bhima ) "Haathi ki naak""Trunk of the elephant"

The caves is no longer inaccessible now as the forest department has made all necessary arrangement to get to the cave.
Tourist are thronging at the fall.
Tirath Garh Fall at Kanger Valley in Bastar 

Another attraction in the Kanger valley is the waterfall called Tirath garh waterfall is fall cascades down from the height of 299 meters creating the scenic beauty of the region.

Kailash caves Utsav is expected at the site of the entire valley. 

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