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Festival of Colours i.e Holi is approaching fast. I had already discussed in my blog the”Festival of colours- Holi” about its reasons. Today, I am going to discuss the colours being used in the festivals as sprinkling or dabbing them each other is a part of the festival. 

Each colour used in the festivals symbolizes prosperity and fraternity. Since the time immemorial, the festival has been a symbol of love and affection.

With my friend Basan

What are the colours made up off- Earlier colours were made up of natural substance like indigo, sunflower or marigold. Now the method of preparing these colours is different than that of being used earlier. Now, synthetic materials like lead oxide copper sulphate, aluminium bromide and Prussian Blue and mercury sulphate are being used for the preparation of the colours used in the festival.
Many studies suggest that these substances are harmful to eyes and skin. Some of the substances hit directly to the cornea.

How to be safe:
A girl dabbed with colours
Photo- (Abhishek Thakur)

Here, I am going to discuss how you remain safe out of harmful effects of the colours. During the festival, you need to consume a lot of water as it can prevent you from being dehydrated. We know while celebrating it we remain open to the sun which causes dehydration.

Secondly, we need to cover the eyes as they are very sensitive part of our body and while playing or sprinkling liquid substance they can enter into the eyes inadvertently causing a burning sensation to the eyes. To avoid such situation you would rather cover your eyes with goggles or remove your lenses from it. In case of any unusual feeling in the eyes consult to the doctors immediately.

Thirdly, apply olive, mustard or coconut oil to your entire body including hair to avoid your skin to be dry. And take honey, cinnamon and ginger to increase the immunity of your body. Doctors suggest these substances have to be consumed by the children to increase their immunity during these festivals.
Keep safe yourselves and your children during the festivals observing all the points mentioned above.    

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  1. Very good info sir... and a happy holi to you and family, all the way from qatar....😊😊🙏

    1. Thank you very much sir!Keep reading my blogs and sharing such encouraging words please!


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