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Friday, 2 February 2018

"Tuma" A Tribal Flask

During the agricultural activities being done at Bastar, anyone can see farmers with the foodstuff kept in a flask made up of the gourd. Well, it is a common occurrence here. Since the time immemorial, the thermos like flask called “Tuma” has been used by the tribal people. As per the research, it has medicinal value too.
'Tuma' a tribal thermos. 

Today let’s talk about its main features and other qualities.

Yesterday, I had a chance to go to a village called Buran pal in Jagdalpur block. Where I came across a tribal thermos called “Tuma”

It is mainly used to carry food especially liquid food to the fields by the tribal here in Bastar. Let’s talk about how it is useful and its importance.

Gourd Bottle popularly known as “Tuma” here, has a scientific value of its own
Villagers say that you can keep your liquid food items hot & cold like we do in a thermos. A most important feature of “Tuma” is that It can keep your liquid food items hot or cool for hours together. Apart from that, it can be recycled as per your need and readily available in every household.

Nutrients are said to be increased when they are kept in “tuma”

Let’s try to find out how it is made. Fresh-bottle gourds are plucked from plants and left till they become dry. Generally, over-ripped guards are good for making the "Tuma". Before we dry, the mouth of the gourd is sliced and the materials inside are removed to make it hollow. It is left for a week with water filled in it. Then, rotten materials are removed carefully after a week.  by the time the structure has got a durable surface and become an alternative to utensils. People living in Narayanpur area used it as a flask for many decades. 

Tuma appears shining as oil is applied to make it look beautiful. Some paint on the outer surface to look attractive.  

Well,  we are expecting festival called Aama Tihar at the beginning of the summer.
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